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About Esther Ndegwa-Brown

Esther Ndegwa Brown

Esther grew up in modern Africa ( Kenya) and currently lives in the United States (Pennsylvania) with her family.  It is not uncommon for her to get questions from people about the differences in culture and custom.  Esther saw that as a great opportunity to show others why she is so passionate about both cultures.  It lead to the inspiration for developing the character, Azizi.  Esther knows that this loveable little boy will have the ability to open up the doors that bring unique cultures together through amazing stories.  In the end, we usually discover that those differences are the best parts of our relationships with all people.

As you start reading all the stories of Azizi you will discover the amazing gift that Esther has for story telling that combines social education and emotional development.  Her approach is fresh and her perspective is enlightening.

The first book by Esther, Lala Salama – Azizi And The Dancing Monsters, is a delightful story that teaches a valuable lesson in courage.  It is the introduction of Azizi to the world and it leaves you wanting more.  You will find that both you and your children will be enwrapped in the story that has Azizi determined to be brave forever.  The words and music create an amazing tale that is sure to be remembered.

Towards the end of this year be sure to look for other incredible stories.  There are three more adventures with Azizi that are going to be shared with you, your child, and perhaps the world.  Each one guarantees to be an amazing, enchanting tale that helps positively develop every aspect of your child’s personal growth.