About Us

Azizi Kids© is a company that is dedicated to bringing kids the best.

Our products and services have a distinct Swahili cultural influence.  Azizi Kids© vision is focused around bridging the American and African cultures together.  Through the interaction of Azizi, a courageous, bright young boy, we hope to show children how exciting it is to embrace other cultures.  There is always something to learn and an opportunity to make friends with kids who have very different backgrounds.

Children from modern Africa are very open to learning about other cultures and especially find the American culture quite fascinating. We also wanted to open up the culture of modern Africa to children everywhere.  In return, the children of America can learn all about the Swahili culture too.  That is why we created Azizi Kids©. With a normal, curious little boy like Azizi leading the way everybody is sure to learn something.

This website has an activities page that will provide educational, positive fun for your children.  There are easy recipes to create, crafts to make, and print-outs to color.  We’ve also included a simple little dictionary of five endearing terms written in Swahili.  Just think of how great it will be to hear your child (and perhaps you too) express these terms to each other.

Azizi Kids© also has put together a merchandise line of high quality products that will let your children always have their new friend, Azizi, close by. 


Here at Azizi Kids© we always welcome any feedback or questions that you may have.  Our commitment to providing you an excellent multi-cultural experience runs deep.  Just like Azizi himself, we are always willing to grow and learn.

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