Bring Azizi Home

It’s easy to want to spend more time with Azizi.  After all he’s fun, adventurous, and your special friend who can also speak Swahili.  Every day with Azizi is guaranteed to be a fun day of adventure for you!  Here are some ways that you can spend more time with Azizi:


Lala Salama – Azizi and the Dancing Monsters

by Esther Ndegwa-Brown

This story about a boy named Azizi has an inspirational, culturally enriched message that is sure to be enjoyed by everybody who reads it.  Azizi is your average little boy, but finds he is feeling rather insecure one night.  In his room there are dancing monsters and he isn’t sure what to do about it.  Take a journey with Azizi and see how he finds his courage.  This story is told through simple words and fun music.  It delivers an encouraging message to let kids know that they have unlimited potential when they put their minds to something.

Shamba La Babu – Azizi Saves Babu’s Garden

by Esther Ndegwa-Brown

This delightful Azizi adventure will be coming soon!  Look for it in November 2010.

Sema Na Kiswahili – ABC...123 - Say it in Swahili 

by Esther Ndegwa-Brown

Go on a journey through the alphabet with Azizi.  With every letter there is sure to be a fun adventure.  Look for this ABC must have in November 2010.


Lullaby CD

The perfect wind down for the evening (children and adults alike).  These beautiful, lullaby’s from Africa are guaranteed to enchant you right into a wonderful night’s sleep. Look for this CD in November 2010

It’s exciting to know that a good friend like Azizi can be with your children whether they are at school or home.  Everything that comes from Azizi Kids© comes with a guarantee to be something of high quality and positive value for your children.  We are completely committed to offering culturally enriching products.